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To the professionals at Maudlin, interior design is, at its core, a blend of form and function, need and want, color and style, sight and touch. In all, it is an art, and the room is the canvas.

We are intimately familiar with the paints on our pallet. Maudlin, whose theme is “foolishly sentimental furnishings,” began life 15 years ago serving the San Diego area interior design community with custom upholstery.

In the years since, we’ve expanded and attracted some of the top talents in custom furniture manufacturing and antique purchasing. Our uniquely talented seamstresses create custom bedding, drapery, pillows, and cornices as well as drapery.

Combined, the team creates what many have dubbed the “Maudlin Ethos.” Our years of experience are reflected in the character of every piece of furniture we make and every room we design. Maudlin will take on the entire interior design project, from start to finish, saving clients in cost and scheduling.

Because of our reputation for quality and attention to every little detail, we have gained the trust and respect of other manufacturers and contractors in the region while developing a loyal following among a diverse clientele.

Become one of those satisfied clients and learn from Maudlin that it is not foolish sentiment to want the best in quality for your interior space. Visit our showroom at 7456 Girard Avenue in La Jolla or contact us for an appointment at (858) 459-5848 or via email at [email protected]

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