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Our years of experience are reflected in the character of every piece of furniture we make and every room we design.

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Our products include not only drapery but also bedding, pillows, cornices, upholstery, or whatever our...

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Interior Design

Interior Design  | Maudlin - San Diego, CA

To the professionals at Maudlin, interior design is, at its core, a blend of form and function, need and want, color...

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Welcome To Maudlin


Insiders have known of Maudlin and its theme of providing “foolishly sentimental furnishings” for years. They have turned to Maudlin for years for esthetic help with interior design and custom furnishings, upholstery, and draperies.

Our creativity and attention to the last detail have been called upon for projects large and small that need a unique infusion of the Maudlin touch.

But now, after 15 years as a well-kept secret in the trade, Maudlin is opening its doors to everyone in the San Diego area who are foolishly sentimental enough to want the best for their interior space.

Maudlin will take on the entire interior design project, from start to finish. Our designers and artisans, arguably among the best in the world, can work from a swatch or a thought and make it come true down to the last throw pillow.

With help from an exclusive reserve of specialized talent we readily call upon, Maudlin can take your dream interior from conception to fabrication to installation. Our partners include:

• A stable of boutique craftsmen and seamstresses who’ve earned a master’s rating in the design and production of fabulous draperies, upholstery, pillows, and bedding.
• An exclusive manufacturing workroom that has produced some of the finest renderings of custom furniture designs with unsurpassed workmanship.
• The most dedicated and knowledgeable antique buyers who have scoured the world for the overlooked treasures Maudlin is now able to offer its clients.

Because your design project will be handled entirely within Maudlin’s domain, we are able to provide these unparalleled services to the San Diego area at a cost and scheduling savings.

Maudlin has built its reputation for quality and excellence in the trade by garnering close, trusting relationships with other manufacturers and contractors while we work with them on projects. These respectful relationships are part of what breeds success in the design industry.

Sample the “Maudlin Ethos” with a visit to our showroom at 7456 Girard Avenue in the Girard Avenue Design District in La Jolla, where you can see some of the results of our overseas antique buying ventures.

You may also contact us for an appointment to talk to one of our design specialists by calling (858) 459-5848 or via email at [email protected]

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